Financial Institutions have found that the core financial system has certain “imaging” gaps with documentation and identification documents that FormXpert has been able to fill-in easily and effectively, without any issues in the deployment of the document imaging application on individual workstations. Giving tellers, back office and management personnel the ability to view images reduces potential problems with customers by allowing for the visual verification of items that previously would have taken a long time to research.

Using Portable Document Format (PDF) with fillable form technology, FormXpert allows the user to create custom forms that are specific to business requirements of the financial institution and extremely professional to send with cover letters to customers based on expiration rules. Specifically, the following business process steps are easily handled using FormXpert once a form is set up in the application:

  • Create Forms and Cover Letters to be sent to Customers
  • Interface to Download Customer and Verify Form Inventory from Core System
  • Select Customer to Print Forms
  • Print Forms with Encrypted Barcodes to Expedite the Receipt Process
  • Receive Forms and Process in FormXpert
  • Scan Form for Offsite Retention
  • Validate Form Accuracy with Compliance
  • Verify Signatures on Forms Against Signature Cards
  • Update Core System and Workflow Processes


  • Manage forms and documentation
  • Monitor document expirations
  • Create custom forms and cover letters
  • Verify signature and validate data provided

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